Deepika Dabhi

Ayurvedic Doctor

Yoga Teacher

Wellness Educator

Welcome to Wholehearted Wellness! My name is Deepika.  I am an Integrative Ayurveda and Yoga Practitioner and a Wellness Educator based in San Diego, California.  I provide guidance and treatments for individuals through perspective and practices of Ayurveda, Yoga and Wellness online. I am a proponent of Preventative and Palliative Care. My specialty is in chronic pain and women's health. 


For the last 5 years, I have taught Ayurvedic Medicine in yoga studios, hospitals, corporations and integrative wellness clinics. Educating communities on how to care for their health and well-being has been a wonderful surprise to my role as a healthcare provider.

When I am not in San Diego, teaching, treating or consulting, I am in India learning from my teachers, learning new recipes from family or devoting intentional time in service but never too far from a cup of chai or a fresh coconut. I  wholeheartedly believe that connection is the key to healing from within.




Wholehearted Wellness is a full-service Integrative Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga Practice based in San Diego, California and Mysore, India.  We provide guidance and treatments for individuals through the lense and practices of Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga Practices. 

Whether you are just stepping into the world of wellness or have been on your wellness and healing journey for some time and seeking clear understanding from a perspective of ancient wisdom, or you may be looking for a second opinion on your latest lab reports. We offer something for each part of your journey.  Learn more more about services below.