Deepika Dabhi

Ayurvedic  Practitioner

Womb Healer

Vedic Wellness Educator

Who are you?

My work is based in my ancestral knowledge of  Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation and thus I  am a spiritual seeker without any formal path, practice or teacher. I am inclusive of all teachings and it's great teachers.  After leaving Pharmaceutical Industry, I went on an adventure to find some lost and disconnected parts of myself and found, Yoga and Ayurveda.  As I began to work in clinical setting, I quickly began to see many folds to health. After investing and studying with teachers from all around the world, I bring my presence as the most valuable asset. My identity as you see it  and the rest of its expressions are being unfolded as I continue to dive deeper in within my own healing journey.

How would your family and friend describe you?

Well, I am a caring and a challenging daughter to my mother and father.  A rebel to cultural society I come from.  A lover of all things that are warm, sunny, airy, soft and fluffy to my friends. A lifetime student to my teachers, a traveler and a motorcycle enthusiast. 

What does Wholehearted Wellness mean?

When my teacher blessed me to start my practice, I was looking for a name that would encompass all that I had personally taken away from my own healing. Being completely sincere to the process of healing was the first step and thus, Wholehearted Wellness was birthed.  There have been many points, where I've wanted to numb my hurt or discomfort, but showing for that hurt with my whole heart continues to liberate me and clients I work with.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by nature, joyful moments with my cherished ones,, community and music, it's my jam! ;) 

How did you become an Ayurvedic Doctor? And why do you carry the title of a Practitioner?

It's a long story so I will share shorter version. My experience in Pharma world eventually led me to seek answers to some lingering non-existential questions about my humanity and healing.  In 2007, I began another chapter as a seeker who was looking to heal wounds that were long suppressed. Mindfulness-based practices like Yoga, Meditation which I was introduced to as a child, began to awaken something in me, which I had lost in the transition of moving from India to America. iCollege due to my anxiety, laid the perfect foundation for me to create a sustainable Yoga practice. This eventually led me to travel the world. and then I reconnected Ayurveda and Tantra which gifted me with wisdom, to honor, treasure and celebrate wisdom . These experiences guided me right back to my roots, Ayurveda. Then, my teacher, Dr. Vasant Lad appeared. It was his words and belief in my potential that pushed me to began my studies in Ayurveda.  

What is your motto in life?

Pause. Breathe. Listen. Be Kind. Be Truthful. Be humble. Be Kind. and repeat as needed.