my heart

My heart is aching.

I don't want to write today.

I didn’t want to log on to social media.

My mind is craving silence to digest what is happening.

I need a little time to digest before I click or double tap support for all that is well and unwell in our world.

My heart is aching.

I am not sure what I will say to my nephew and nieces when they will ask me about what happened.

I am not sure if I will have an answer that will make sense to them.

My heart is aching.

It is aching for the family with children I met just few short weeks ago in India.

Their age, 3,4,5, all the way to 12.

The family earn $1.25 day, at most.

What will I say to them today?

My heart is aching.

It is aching for my friends in Puerto Rico.

What can I do to make it all okay.

Who do I have to talk to get things right these days?

My heart is aching.

It is aching for animals, plants, and people while the air itself is choking in despair.

My heart is aching.

It is aching for Spain, Nepal, and USA.

Truth be told, if you ask me where?

The best I could do is show you a map of the world and say, there.

Yeah, the hurt is everywhere.

My heart is aching,

It is aching for this prayer.

May all that is dark, unlawful, unjust and unloved to be stripped and pulverized into sand.

May the light shine wide,

May kindness be so bright on all beings everywhere.

My heart will heal with time.

My heart will heal.

My heart is whole with peace and prayer,

little by little,



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