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The last few months have been difficult. I think we are all feeling whether we are aware or not. All that seems to help besides rightful action, loving kindness of friends ,and the warmth of the sun is, a prayer. Let's be honest the amount of rain we've had here in San Diego and Viral Infections making their rounds into my body and the political infection in to my mind like a pest, so yeah, a prayer is one of my main got to tools. Well that and endless cups of tea.

Deepika Dabhi

These times in the world is pulling me into the spiritual arena to stand for what I believe in and absorb while I observe the injustice that is bare, raw and very much real than it has ever been.

No I am not the kind of woman to stand on the sideline and stand for the sake standing. I've already ben on the side lines for so long, for far too long. I am also not the type of woman to joint the gender club just because I am of the same gender. Tit for Tat does not work in my book. The answer to this violence certainly isn't violence, being douche bag back to giant douche bag, as much as I want to won't work but being silence is also not an answer.

Aside from calling State Representatives, Ofice of the State Senate, signing petitions, engaging in peaceful conversation to understand a different perspective, I keep coming back to a prayer. I find myself chanting it more often than before.

Safety Side Note: I know I am may definitely be losing points right now with the intellectuals, skeptics who doubt the power of prayer so, I just want to make it clear that for some people, like myself, hope and prayer are tools that drive my heart further into activism.

The currents affairs are deepening my relationships with all beings and things should be mutually beneficial as my desire, for happiness and liberation from suffering. Yoga, Buddhism, Islam and all spiritual teachings say "No true or lasting happiness can come from causing unhappiness to others. No true or lasting freedom can come from depriving others of their freedom." If I say I want every being to be happy and free, then I have to question everything that I do, including, how I live, how I eat, what I buy, how I speak, how I engage with others and even how I think.

The law of karma says that for every action there is a reaction. Albert Einstein was reminding us of the law of karma when he pointed out that space is curved. Whatever is thrown out there will eventually, but inevitably, find its way back to its origin.

Tonight, I hold my faith in the hands of science and trust the collective karma of all the goodness and poor judgment will find itself in a place of equanimity as I chant, "lokah samasthah sukhino bhavantu"

This is all I got for now.

A prayer.

"Lokah Samasthah Sukhino Bhavantu"

lokah: realm, all universes existing now

samastah: all beings sharing that same location

sukhino: centered in happiness and joy, free from suffering

bhav: the divine mood or state of unified existence

antu: may it be so

“May all beings be happy.

May all beings be free from suffering.

May the thoughts, words, and actions in my own life in some way contribute to that happiness and that freedom for all.”

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