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Deepika here!

🍂Fall is here🍂 and with it that natural call to warm up and slow down. I have received some questions in the last few weeks about Cleansing and Detoxification.

This is my one cent on the matter.

The process of “Cleanses and Detoxing” is helpful and amazing when your system can sustain the process. Our body also has this natural intelligence that communicates on a regular basis about what, when and how much of “it”, it wants. This “it” could be from food, fun and even friends.

Yeah I was totally going for the triplet wording.

NOTE : I know my body is not there. here is there? The healthy state where my body is experiencing manageable dosage of stability, stress and sleep.

I’ve had an amazing summer. I even made some festive eating and lifestyle choices along the way. Thus, I can not imagine putting my entire body through a marathon of challenges and changes all of a sudden.

Really! It sounds draining!!! Oh wait, it is DRAINING and DEPLETING! 3 days of clean eating isn’t enough for me to get back on track. Jumping into 15-30 days of detoxing, sounds like much costly in the long run for my body.

You feel me?


Listen, if you happen to be in a similar position, I want to offer tips this week that are simple, sustainable and attainable. You can follow along here or get on the mailing list to get reminder when new content is out.


  • Have you ever done a detox? How long? What was the process?

  • Tell me the most adventurous thing you've heard about a detox?

  • What is your favorite part of Fall?


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