Everyday Fall Cleanse: Tip #3

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The Silence S....SPICE


Intellectual Hipsters and cynical intellectuals, now when I use the word, “traditional” please try not to get your hippocampus in a bunch. Ok?

In my last post, I spoke very lightly about Routine and names just few things that can jump start the process of discovering stability I want to leave the Routine conversations at that for now. Believe me, I will be sure to revisit it, stay tuned! For those who wants to know more NOW, you can always contact me personally.

I want to talk about Spice!Spice!Spice!

Cause Spice is SO NICE! Traditionally herbs and spices were used as a fragrance, flavor, delicious treats, aromatic and as medicine. There are everyday uses for them such as, to smell, eat, bath in and adorn.

As a child, spices were not just a part of every meal, they were (and still are) preventative supplements. I remember my mom would always sprinkle, a little of this and a little of that to aid our discomforts. I never really understood nor appreciated all that much as a child or even a teenager for that matter. When I moved out of my parents place, I started eating all the stuff I thought my parents were depriving me of, feeling un-satiated, I ate more and thus put on weight that was unnecessarily there.

I did what a lot of people back then did, Yo-Yo diets, swinging from one activity to another, eating, whatever "health industry" decided to sell me as the latest diet to try. I am not no joking here. This was a means to control my weight. It was exhausting trying to keep up, more emotionally unstable by the day and guess what, it didn’t work!

Thanks to yucky feeling phase in my early 20s, I came across a book on Ayurveda.

This little book by Dr. Vasant Lads my life!

I will share with you more of my journey another day. For now, you know how the rest of the story goes. Pharma Exec became an Ayurveda Practitioner.


Cook with some spices cause it will kick the poop, pun intended, out of the Ama (toxins), you are likely accumulating just by being your super duper fine human self.


  • What is one spice you didn't like a spice that you like now?

  • What is your favorite spice for Fall?

  • What spice do you avoid?


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