Everyday Cleanse: Tip #4

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The 2nd S...STRESS

(on digestive system)

Today as promised, I am diving deeper with Ama with this friendly tip and a gift. Keep reading! Ama is the most common type of toxin and is the waste product of incomplete digestion. Sticky, white and really gross smelling, it forms in the digestive tract when the food you eat is not digested properly.

I am about to drop it here, so please take a moment to note; you can start small and follow your common sense. For example, eating what’s in season rather than taking fancy Body Type tests online, not knowing if they are accurate, driving your whole family up the wall about not using microwave cause it’s about to get them like this tax season. For reals, guys, Keep It Simple.

Dropping-In, ok so Ama is usually caused by eating foods that are unsuitable for your body type or the season; by eating too much or too little; by eating before the previous meal is digested; by going to sleep on a full stomach; or by eating foods that are left over, processed, old or fermented.

Q: What happens if Ama continues to be produced over a long period of time?

A: Well, it can leave the digestive tract, travel to a weak area elsewhere in the body and settle there.

How rude!?!?

Example of Microcirculatory Channel

Ama blocks the microcirculatory channels known as shrotas and disrupts the flow of nutrients to the area as well as the body's natural waste removal systems.Usually ama develops when agni, the digestive fire, is either weak or irregular.

Q: What do you think helps with kicking regulating and strengthening this digestive fire?A: It rhymes with Nice!


When you enhance your food with spices that either, kindles or manages Agni through dietary changes, the digestive system itself can burn off simple Ama and clear it from the body. Where is the emoji for mind blown? There are spices for everyone, so please don’t limit yourself to just one or few.


The gift of nature is abundant. Speaking of abundance my dear friend and colleague, Hema Jagada of Restore Simply is generously has 20% off all her delicious blends! I highly recommend the Earth Blend for Vata season that is currently in motion and the Breathe Blend for all my fellow Golden Milk loving friends.

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