Everyday Fall Cleanse: Tip #5

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The 3rd S....SLEEP!

Well it turns out, all those crazy dudes in the Himalayan Valley, Peruvian Valley and more importantly your mother and grand mother were right about getting enough sleep. Everyday there is more research coming out that supporting the importance of rest, recovery, rejuvenation, relaxing and the act of it, resting. Just google it. In Ayurveda, sleep is the best way to detox your system on a daily basis.

Let me repeat!

sleep is the best way to detox your system on a daily basis!

When you just go go go, without taking a minute, you are actually mentally and physically exhausting yourself. The scientific gurus are also confirming that sleep and rest are essential building blocks of the body and mind. Let me translate, you and I can actually be stronger and leaner, smarter and more apt in responding to curve balls coming our way, you can have less wrinkles, when you get enough rest.

What happens when you don't rest well?

Hormonal hurricane! Basically, your cortisol and adrenalin are being pumped through your blood without you even knowing it. The more your adrenal gland detect this stress, the more they work, which means, they pump more hormones in your blood causing your body, EXHAUSTION. That’s the beginning of weight gain, insulin resistance, things like chronic fatigue, fertility issues, labido issues, and let’s be honest, it gets much worse than some unwanted wrinkles.

Your family, your peers, your friends and this world deserves you to be fully alive and well. You deserve that!!! Please get some good night sleep, every night, and find some time every day, in the middle of your day to REST.

SENSIBLE NOTE : Below are 2 of my favorite tips for getting a good night rest.

1. Massage the soles of your feet with sesame oil before going to sleep, as it reduces Vata and long term, makes your feet like ultra smooth.

2. Unplug from all electronics, to-do, and play a little.


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What is the very last thing you do before going to bed?

What is the very first thing that you do upon waking?


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