mystery unfolding

the mystery is absolutely astonishing.

how we are created to experience and then forget,

to know and then not know is nothing short of incredible.

the beautiful moments I have known should have led me to a constant awareness of the divine by now.

to a constant awareness of the divine by now.

it would seem.

wouldn't you think?

the evidence is overwhelming.

love flowing into me.

making my fears feel so foolish time after time after time.

but I am an experiencing kind of a girl.

I get to learn love over and over again.

i need to be retrained constantly.

i am beginning to understand so much that love is,

not something I capture and file away.

it is certainly is not data to be stored

it’s a living emotional intelligence.

i am like a bucket,

a bucket that leaks,

there's a leak,

a hole in the bucket,

at almost all freeing turns

more often than not,

i look and discover the bottom is missing.

i throw think of throwing the bucket away

silly, you may say

why yes, I agree.

I agree now

now that i realize it

now that i see it

see it so vividly

with the eyes of my heart

when i see it transparently and an obvious way

all i am left with is the option to jump

or forget that my heart is a well of love

in the moment i recognize this

i remember once again the presence

i remember once again the presence

the presence

the presence

presence of grace,

grace all around me once again

well...what how do i put it in words





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